Data Protection

Data Protection Declaration

Our data protection measures are designed to protect your personal details. These are the particulars about the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person, such as the person’s name, postal, email or IP address and telephone number.We only store and employ your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the German Data Protection Law and the Telemedia Act.Within our company we take data protection extremely seriously. All our employees are obliged to regard such data is confidential and to adhere to the conditions of the relevant data protection laws. As a matter of course we extend this obligation to any companies contracted to us.

Extent of Data Collection and Storage 

It is not necessary for you to provide personal data in order to use our website. However, we do need personal data in order to perform certain services for you. These include sending informative material or goods you have ordered, and answering individual enquiries. When you commission us to send you goods or perform other services, in principle we collect and store your personal data only insofar as it is required in order to perform the services or fulfil our contractual duty to you. In these situations it may be necessary for us to pass on your personal data to companies we employ in order to perform the services or fulfil these contracts. These are transport companies or other service providers. When the services have been performed fully, your data is blocked and deleted in accordance with the relevant commercial and tax regulations unless you have expressly given permission for the data to be employed for further purposes. If we want to perform one of the services or actions described below, we would like to store your personal data for the purpose, and at the relevant place in our website we will ask you for explicit permission to do so:

  • Sending newsletters
  • Taking part in contests
  • Checking eligibility or age with reference to our services or payment facilities
  • Further services and offers which require your explicit permission to store your data.

Extent of Data Collection and Storage 

Data is collected and stored on our website using Google Analytics for marketing and optimization purposes. This data can be used to create a user profile under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files which can be placed on the computer you use by a website via the proxy server of the Internet browser you use. Cookies make it possible to recognise the user again. The data stored with Google Analytics is not used without the explicit permission of the person involved to identify the visitor to the website personally, and it is not combined with personal data about the person the pseudonym has been applied to. Permission to collect and store the data can be withdrawn at any time with effect for the future.

Use of Data for Specified Purposes 

We adhere to the principle that data must only be used for specified purposes, and we collect, process and store your personal data exclusively for the purposes you have agreed to. Your personal data will not be passed on to any Third Parties without your explicit approval, unless this is necessary for the performance of services or the execution of contractual obligations.


This website employs cookies, which are stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files which can be placed on the computer you use by a website via the proxy server of the Internet browser you use. The main purpose of cookies is to enable the user to be recognised. The cookies on our website do not collect any personal data about you or your behaviour. You can delete cookies on your computer at any time. Information about this can be found in the Help Menu of your Internet browser. 

Using our Website without Cookies 

Naturally you can also use our website without cookies being employed. You can adjust the settings of your Internet browser to reject (deactivate) the usage of cookies at any time, or you can make use of a setting which will show the placement of cookies so that you can decide in each individual case whether you to accept the cookies (Cookie Warning). You can find the settings of your Internet Browser under the menu Extras/Internet Options on Microsoft Internet Explorer or the corresponding menu options on other browsers. You will find detailed information about this on the Help menu of your Internet browser. Rejecting or marking cookies can influence the functionality of the website. 

Right of Disclosure and Cancellation

As a user of our Internet services you have the right to demand information from us about your personal data which we have stored. This information can also be supplied electronically if required. You also have the right, at any time, to block or correct this personal data, or to have it deleted. You can also cancel at any time permission you have granted us to collect and utilise such data, without supplying any reason. In such cases please apply to the contact address supplied in the Imprint.